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April 17, 2018

Ever feel guilty about how much money you spend on cosmetics every year? Well don't, first because you should always do what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin and second because you are not alone! According to Forbes, the cosmetics industry annual sales was a measly $445 BILLION dollars and that number continues to rise every year! There are so many options and always something new on the market, that i...

March 31, 2018

In the last week, a few of my friends asked whether I plan on dressing-up my 9-month old as a bunny for Easter.  At first, of course I thought it was a cute idea but after hearing the same suggestion from 3 more people, I realized it might be a "thing" to dress up kids as bunnies for Easter.  Keep in mind - I did not grow up in the U.S. so this was new to me.  I was intrigued. 

To get a little more information, I...

March 8, 2018

On this special day, we would like to take the time to acknowledge and salute the effort, dedication and commitment of all the women who have been striving and fighting for gender parity. 

Happy International Women's Day! 

The theme this year is # PressforProgress

Whether you are a feminist or not, activist or not, make a difference and advocate for gender parity. 


We ho...

February 28, 2018

Cooking every night is challenging even for stay at home mothers. The reason is simple; to cook every night you need to go grocery shopping twice a week which never happens in our household. Not to mention all the cleaning afterwards. A simple solution would be to order take out which is a great option once in a while, green curry chicken or pizza are our go to options. On a typical week, we order in on Fridays after we have l...

February 26, 2018

Our society has changed drastically in recent years and with that women's roles and expectations have evolved at the speed of light.

After a century of protest, women first obtained the right to vote in 1920 under the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution. The Second World War was the turning point of feminism; with all the men at the front, women joined the workforce and supported non-traditional fields such as trans...

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