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The Future is female? or not!

Our society has changed drastically in recent years and with that women's roles and expectations have evolved at the speed of light.

After a century of protest, women first obtained the right to vote in 1920 under the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution. The Second World War was the turning point of feminism; with all the men at the front, women joined the workforce and supported non-traditional fields such as transportation, construction, manufacturing and finance. However when the war ended, women returned to their "normal" activities as housewives and mothers.

The second-wave feminism began in the 60s and ended in the early 80s, targeting issues such as sexuality, family planning, domestic violence, marital rape, changes in custody and divorce laws. The third-wave feminism promoted individualism and diversity in the 90s, while the fourth wave (2012) focused on justice for women and opposition to sexual harassment and violence.

The most recent drive of feminism is embodied by the slogan brought to light by Hilary Clinton: "The Future is Female," along with the recent T-shirt sensation trending on social media which dates all the way back to 1975 and refers to the 70s lesbian separatist movement. This slogan has been largely criticized for its gender centricity and anti-feminism.

Women are still facing many challenges in the 21 st century, almost 100 years after obtaining the right to vote. There are more battles to be won, such as the gender pay gap, paid maternity leave and gender differences in promotion.

Despite all the obstacles, women are thriving and succeeding more and more, while slowly conquering even the non-traditional industries.

They used to tell us, you can't have both Beauty & Intelligence. Well we strongly disagree, you CAN! So that's precisely why we started this blog.

We are 2 successful, career-oriented women, with an MD and PhD, working full time in the health care system as an oncologist and medical physicist, but these are not the only roles that define us. Simultaneous to our careers, we fulfill various roles such as that of a mother and wife, while the other is single and dating, in addition to being fashionistas, make-up artists and chefs.

One thing is for sure - our degrees have taught us how to juggle all of the different areas of our lives without compromising precious time with family, partners and friends.

We live in a society where the expectations are high, time is money and there are new trends every day. We take those ideas for facts and we assume they have credibility when in fact they have little supporting evidence. As doctors and researchers, we are trained to critique, dismantle, support and enforce evidence-based data.

We will use those skills to help you navigate through diverse topics including newsworthy, taboo and controversial subjects.

We will share our tricks of the trade and help you face the challenges that all of us women face in our daily lives including health, lifestyle, career, raising children, and relationships.

The Future is NOT female, because we believe in equality and we want to teach our little girls AND boys that they have the same capabilities and opportunities to achieve their goals with determination and work ethic.

The reason we started this blog is to create a community dedicated for women of all ages, all races, all backgrounds for sharing ideas and learning from each other.




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