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February 2, 2018


Preparing your little one healthy food doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming. Whenever I buy vegetables, I make sure to buy extra for the baby. We made broccoli soup last week and I used some of its ingredients to make puree. 


6+ Months:



    - 1 large head broccoli cut in chunks  (without the                stalk)

    - 3 cups spinach

    - 1 ripe avocado



    1) In a large pot, bring to boil the broccoli until              tender.

    2) Add the spinach and let it cook until it softens. 

    3) Strain the vegetables and keep some of the                broth.

    3) Using a regular or immersion blender, add the           avocado and some broth and purée the greens           until smooth. 

    4) Let it cool completely before serving.


You can freeze up to 3 months in storage containers. Make sure the containers are BPA free, PVC free and Phthalate free. I like the Oxo tot baby blocks, they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. 

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