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Feeling beautiful? Our favorite tried and true beauty products Part 1!

Ever feel guilty about how much money you spend on cosmetics every year? Well don't, first because you should always do what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin and second because you are not alone! According to Forbes, the cosmetics industry annual sales was a measly $445 BILLION dollars and that number continues to rise every year! There are so many options and always something new on the market, that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to even know what to spend your money on. Plus there are so many different tiers of products that vary in price and it's hard to know where to draw the line when deciding, how much is too much to spend on mascara??

I know these days you can easily just watch a beauty blogger review on Youtube or Instagram, but again the internet is inundated with such reviews and you always wonder whether it's honest or if the reviewer is making money off of the review. So where does a girl even begin?! Well, I can't say I have tried everything out there, but over the years I have definitely gravitated to a few staple products that I know will always deliver the quality and look I desire. For Part 1 of this beauty series blog post, I wanted to focus on the products I love for getting that perfect Snapchat filter glow -- but in real life. (i.e.without the Snapchat filter!)

Moisturizer: I like the anything from the Shiseido line, but I am hesitant to recommend a specific cream of theirs because it largely depends on how oily/dry your skin is and your age because the products cater to different age categories. I have fairly oily skin so currently I am using the moisturizer from the Pureness line of products, called "Pureness Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free."

Primer: Truthfully, I don't wear primer everyday all over my face. I usually save it for special occasions, when I want my makeup to last extra long, but I've recently discovered this stuff by Farsali called Unicorn Essence. I only use a little bit on my lips daily before applying lipstick because it makes my lips so soft and supple and makes the application of any kind of matte or long-lasting lipstick much easier and prettier. It smooths out the wrinkles and dryness instantly, like magic! I have used it all over my face when doing my makeup for a wedding and I was really happy with the results as well! I am sure you can use it everyday, but this stuff is pricey and I try to minimize the amount of product I put on my face everyday.

Foundation: I have fairly oily skin that is prone to breakouts when wearing heavy and thick foundation, but I wear Make Up Forever HD literally everyday and it is perfect for my skin. I have seen a lot of makeup artists use this foundation exclusively in their collections, so I know it's a good one! The foundation

itself is very light so it never looks caked on, but it is so buildable that it the coverage is fantastic. I love that I am totally in control of how much or how little to put on. Plus, they have a myriad of colors and you can even mix multiple colors to get an exact match. I've been using this foundation for about 4-5 years and I have tried more expensive foundations and cannot find anything better than this for my skin.

Concealer: Here I have two different favorites, depending on whether I am going for a day or night look. Daily I use the Laura Mercier concealer, which I find has the perfect level of coverage to hide my dark circles and brighten those under-eyes. For night a night look and a more dramatic contoured look, I love the NARS creamy concealer. I use this stuff on my nose forehead and chin, in addition to beneath my eyes to really brighten and highlight those areas of my face.

Setting powder: Again, I have oily skin so setting powder is a super important component for me because even with powder application, my face gets oily after about 8 hours of wear. (which I think is very fair!) I have tried two different kinds, the Make Up Forever HD and the Laura Mercier loose setting powder. The Make Up Forever one is supposed to be translucent but is very white and can show up funky in pictures. I really prefer the Laura Mercier powder and exclusively have been using that one ever since I tried it a few years ago. It sets the all your foundation and concealer perfectly, without setting into all the fine lines and wrinkles in your office, keeping you looking young and glamorous!

Blush: I am pale and rarely get any color in my face, so a little bit of blush is an absolute must for me in my daily routine. It keeps me from looking like a vampire ;) My current favorite brand of blush is NARS. I have previously used Tarte, but I feel their pigments are quite a bit stronger than NARS and I like the more subtle effects of the NARS options. I have a hard time choosing a single blush color, so I often buy palettes and just mix the colors together with my brush before applying.

Contouring (Bronzer): While some people use bronzer only and don't use blush, I like to use both and I only use bronzer to contour my cheekbones, forehead and chin. I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit on Cyber Monday 3 or 4 years ago and I am still using it! I also sometimes use the NARs bronzer that came with my blush palette and I am happy with either, so it just depends if you prefer the variety of palettes or like to stick to the same color/product daily.

We thought it would be helpful to share this with our readers and get some feedback to even hear about some of your favorite products, so please comment and let us know what you think and what products you love! Also, stay tuned for Part 2 of our favorite beauty products next week.



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